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Take the Stress Out of Your Business

The TechDesk Elevation Suite is here to make your online business stress-free! Our hassle-free tech solution ensures that managing clients & leads, content delivery, email marketing, call scheduling, contract signing and website building can all be done in a single place. With competitive pricing and an intuitive CRM system, you can take the time to focus on what you do best!

Premium CRM System

Ditch HubSpot and manage your leads & clients with ease in a centralized database that connects with all your tools.

Full Course Platform

Stop hosting your courses on other platforms that charge a premium for their services. Do it from your own website.

Email Newsletters

Create and send high-converting newsletters that keep you in touch with your leads and clients without complicated tools.

Booking Calendars

Let your clients easily book calls with you right from your website and sync it with your calendar. Never miss another call.

Simple Lead & Sales Funnels

Deliver lead magnets to new leads and send them engaging marketing sequences that convert them into paying clients.

Sell Your Programs

Easily sell your products & collect payments from your clients with our innovative cart platform that connects with Stripe & PayPal.

Contracts with Signatures

Our integrated document signing solution allows your clients to sign contracts right from your website & sync it to your CRM.

Easy-to-Use Page Builder

A powerful website builder with professional templates that lets you create a beautiful website & landing pages in minutes.

TechDesk Access Included

Get access to our expert technical support, empowering education platform, & exclusive community to help you keep tech easy.

and much more!

The TechDesk Elevation Suite

The tech solution that simplifies managing your online business!

What’s Included?

Here’s a full list of what you get in the TechDesk Elevation Suite
(and there’s more stuff you’ll discover as you use it)

Professionally Designed Website
Full CRM System
Simple to Use Course Platform
Booking Calendars
Email Marketing & Newsletters
Easy Payment Processing
Simple Lead Generation & Sales Funnels
Contracts with Digital Signatures
Easy-to-Use Drag-n-Drop Page Builders
Stunning & Customizable Landing Page Templates
Simple Form Builder
Tracking & Reports
Marketing Automation
Interactive Sales Pipelines for Client Tracking
Managed & Updated by Trailblazin Tech
Free Access to the TechDesk

The Answer to Your Tech-Induced Anxiety

Check Out What My Clients Have to Say…

Anthony P.

Fitness Coach

LaRosa was incredible to work with. I had a very rough vision of what I wanted. He helped me bring my vision to life and ended up completely exceeding my expectations. I will definitely be reaching back out to him for any tech-related needs and will be referring him to as many people as possible. Thanks for all your hard work!

Danielle H.

Intuitive Tarot Guide & Coach

Not only does Trailblazin Tech do all the jobs I haven’t got the time nor the patience for… he will actually help you figure out what it is you want to do with your tech before you do and THAT is why I wouldn’t be without Trailblazin Tech!

LaRosa always blows my mind at how seamlessly he makes my tech problems go away… for example I really wanted to change something on my website but I wasn’t sure how and bam! In he comes with all the fine details taken care of perfectly! Life saver!

Emily B.

Business Coach

Working with LaRosa has totally changed how easeful I feel in my business when it comes to tech.

You’re brilliant and make it so manageable and understandable.
Grateful for you LaRosa Johnson!! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ’Ž

How Much Will You Spend with the Competition?

ServiceMonthly Price
Hubspot$20 (per 1,000 contacts)
ConvertKit$29 (for 1,000 contacts)
Tech SupportAt least $200 (for one hour of support)
Total$590 per month*

TechDesk Suite vs. The Alternatives

TechDesk Elevation Suite

The best tools to get the job done, all in one place
Run by someone who understands the coaching industry
You 100% own your data
No growth tax – we don’t charge you more as your business grows
We empower you with the knowledge to use the tools that run your business

The Alternative

Log into multiple places to manage your data & run your business
Overpriced all-in-one solutions with subpar features
You’re storing your data in proprietary systems you don’t own
Get charged exponentially as your business grows
Left on your own to figure out how the tools work

The Solution is Clear

The TechDesk Elevation Suite is a game-changer for coaches & solopreneurs looking to simplify their tech solutions. Unlike other all-in-one software solutions, the TechDesk Suite provides a powerful and stylish website builder, an integrated email marketing platform, a booking system, and a document signing solution, all in one place. Additionally, our full-fledged CRM system allows you to manage leads and clients with ease, keeping everything in one place. With fair pricing that won’t increase as your business grows, the TechDesk Elevation Suite saves you time, money, and reduces the overwhelm and anxiety of managing a thriving online business, allowing you to focus on what you do best – helping your clients achieve their goals.

Fair & Simple Pricing

TechDesk Elevation Suite

$2500 Setup Fee +

Per Month

Full CRM System
Easy Course Platform
Booking Calendar
Email Newsletters
Simple Lead & Sales Funnels
Contracts with Signatures
Easy-to-Use Page Builder
TechDesk Access Included

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